We Are Caelix

Your Partner For all Your Aerial Media Projects

Why Did We Start Caelix

Our goal is to making sure that any type of aerial media wishes can be realised in a professional, creative and relaxed atmosphere. We are happy to share our experience with you to make your aerial dreams come true.

Some Of Our Projects

Some Of Our Offerings

Construction Follow-Up

Subscription service to follow up your important projects on a regular, agreed cadence. Especially for construction projects, our 3d point cloud offer is very popular. Due to intelligent drone software we can make sure that the drone follows a pre-defined route during each flight.

Parties & Events

A one of a kind service to memorise your parties such as a wedding, garden event, company outage, sport event,... in a remarkable way. Let us assist you with capturing your special event.


Want to sell your house or ground? Be unique and publish a stunishing photo or video to stand out on immo sites using our very attracted Immo offer.


One of our most popular services is the Aerial Inspection Round. We can analyse heatpatterns (think about solar panels, isolation,...) as well as stability, rust, leak and crack inspections. Due to our civil engineering experience we can combine industrial needs with our passion for Aerial discoveries.

Reasons To Work With Caelix


You're one click away to capture your moment with us. Let our experience guide you throughout the process. We guarantee to provide you a very competitive offer within a few hours after submitting your request.

Added Value

You will be amazed with the awesomeness of Caelix. We will provide you ALL captured images and recordings in raw format without any (correct, without!) watermark logos. If needed we can of course also fine tune your pictures and videos for a small additional fee.


We know that every project has its unique characteristics. For us, not one project is the same! We'd like to discover with you how we can capture that important moment or project


We're passionate about aerial photography. Not only the sound of drones gives us goosebumps but especially the smile of our customers when we showcase the captured moments is something that keeps on motivating us. We're looking forward to seeing your smile!


Rest assured! We know our job and we have achieved the highest level of drone certification. Next to beautiful images, safety is critical to us.